• Instant Engagement

    Connect and engage clients or prospects instantly and provide them value and reward in seconds! Attract/Engage leads that exactly match your target market. Capture leads before your competition is even aware of the opportunity. The awesome power of a patiently and properly executed mobile marketing campaign is completely demonstrable. That is why your competition is in trial right now. If you doubt that, visit your local Target store.

  • Loyalty Marketing

    Gently engage your existing clients and occasionally reward their loyalty with unique special offers and only "special customer" opportunities instantly in their hand. Precise and measurable target market lead acquisition regardless of your target market characteristics. They are ALL now mobile in 2015

  • Mobile Real Estate Agents

    Simply TEXTing HOME234 (example) to 72727 allows interested shoppers to get special current listing information immediately on their phone. Automatically build and interact with a database of interested shoppers that provide their mobile numbers and want to be first to know about this specific listing as well as new listings in their desired location. Connect to that mobile home buyer, now, directly, instantly! View DemoView Demo

  • Phone Friendly Mobile Websites

    Finally mobile websites that fit on a phone! True mobile-only websites that are simple and and thumb-navigable from your IPhone or Android phone and come with Mobile Phone APPS.

    Google ranks true mobile websites higher when a search comes in from a mobile device such as an IPhone - test it now view www.Webkid.comwww.Webkid.com from your phone

  • School, Town or Church Meeting TEXT to Screen

    Engage any group attending a meeting to add their comments and questions to the large projected image in front of the group by TEXTing to a moderated discussion.

  • Explode Social Media

    Take Social Media to the next level. Reach Out and Really Like your Real customer Like Really Now Dude by using Widgets and TEXT messaging to convert "Likes" to clients, and clients to "Likes" and both to measurable bottom line revenue. Finally the link that delivers on the Promise of social media in a measurable way.

  • Power of Mobile

    The 4 Big Benefits: 

    1.      Probably the best part of mobile marketing is the instant direct impact.  You know that 5 seconds from now, 97% of the people you just sent this message to are reading it.  (Most effective/ most strategic form of marketing today.)   The benefit to you is simply that for the first time ever, you aren’t wasting your money on advertising.  You will actually get a measurable ROI.  Possibly the most valuable thing we provide you is the ability to deliver a promotion or “call to action” with pinpoint accuracy and at the exact time you want it delivered.  This can be done spur of the moment too.  It is proven to have a greater call to action rate than other types of marketing such as (direct mail less than 1%, email campaigns, less than 5% are read).  The benefit to you is that you can decide who sees your message, and when they see it.  You can tweak that based on your clear results and this will mean more business and more dollars each month.
    2.     No lead time in a marketing effort.  This is an advantage over all of your competition that has to plan months in advance.  The advantage is flexibility.  You don’t have to plan months in advance… If business is a little slow, you can immediately craft a campaign to fit the needs that exist right now.  Over-stocked on something?  Have an opening?  Let everyone know right now! Example – Let’s say it is 11:30 on a Saturday morning… you send out a text msg that says; 1 Day Clearance on all Golf Shirts Till 3:30PM. Just show this TEXT message at the register for 65% Off - Hurray! You may have a crowd pushing to get to your registers with arms full of your overstock Golf Shirts at 3:15PM. What other tool allows you this kind of control? You now have the ability to market only to those customers you know are interested in Golf shirts because theypreviously TEXTed GOLF to 72727 at during your last Golf Ball Promotion and are going to buy from you.  Why would you waste money on any other type of marketing?
    3.     This is also highly track-able.  Most people run coupons and specials, or VIP sales events off their keyword, people will literally walk in the door and show you their phone for their discount.  This proves an ROI without question.   How will you feel when you have customers walking in the door after you ran a promotion and you can see that for once your marketing efforts weren’t going to waste.  It would feel pretty good wouldn’t it?
    4.     Easily adds punch and effectiveness to other marketing efforts.  Benefit;  If you run a billboard, or something in the paper, now there is an actual “call to action” when they can text in.  When they do, you will never have to market to that consumer again in that fashion… Treat them with respect, bring genuine value, fun and excitement and you will have them forever.

    In Summary;  This just fits a good business model.  This fits good business practice.  If you were going to spend money, where do you want to spend it?  Somewhere where you know you will get a measurable return on investment.  This is why major brands are already using this, or planning to.

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  • Resellers

    Mobile in 2014 is in the last part of the traditional Early Adopter Phase and as such will experience it's greatest growth over the next 30 - 50 months.

    To capture the opportunity; Webkid Mobile Services LLC is seeking partners that will immediately benefit from our expertise and that represent expertise especially in high growth Mobile business segments such as

    • Real Estate
    • Web Development
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Print Media - Newspapers
    • Radio/Television Media

    We are anxious to visit with you and learn about your business.

    Please click here to send us a Reseller Inquiry

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  • 1 Instant Engagement
  • 2 Loyalty Marketing
  • 3 Mobile Real Estate Agents
  • 4 Phone Friendly Mobile Websites
  • 5 School, Town or Church Meeting TEXT to Screen
  • 6 Explode Social Media
  • 7 Power of Mobile
  • 8 Resellers

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Mobile First - is the mantra of companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft in 2015


The Mobile First VCard Account is the single most powerful tool you can carry with you every day, and everywhere when loaded on a State of the Art Smartphone with a data plan.

The ability to immediately engage the person next to you with rich, attractive multimedia instantly on their Phone separates you from your competition and forges a bond that only sharing like this can create - you are sharing you and you have that critical prospects 100% attention. So - impress them make them anxious to show what they learned with others, and close that sale.


Here is a basic VCard Helper Video: https://youtu.be/H9J3W_-m7-I

A VCard in well trained and motivated hands will produce thousands of dollars of sales that paper business cards will simply leave on the table. The most reliable path to that game changing meeting and that critical new client is your trained and motivated sales staff equipped with the latest mobile engagement tool; the Webkid Mobile VCard on a Smartphone.

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For the Independant Sales Professional

The Basic VCard Acct - is $39/Month - $89 Setup - Includes 200Msg/Month ($.02/Msg Over)

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The VCard Plus Acct - is $49/Month - $89 Setup - Includes 400 Msg/Month ($.02/Msg Over), 5 VCard’s  and 2 Strategic Keywords

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For the Mobile Enterprise Sales Team

The VCard Premium Acct - is $99/Month - $89 Setup - Includes 2000 Msg/Month ($.02/Msg Over), 10 VCard’s  and 10 Strategic Keywords

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